A Tale of One Gamer – Part 01

Welcome to another short lived series, this one following my participation in another campaign hosted by the Enfield Eviscerators (my “local” gaming group). With some new members wanting to try out Warhammer 40,000, it was deicded to run a modified version of the classic Necromunda rules to build up more detailed Kill Teams than you can with the official Kill Team rules!

The Rules
(written by DigitalFlash of the Enfield Eviscerators!)

Our current roster currently features:

  • Tempestus Scions
  • Tau
  • Chaos (Alpha Legion)

Much variety on offer, and with me coming down from my bursts of 30k activity (that project is detailed on the Bolter and Chainsword forums), as well as having recently begun reading The Beast Arises series, I decided to play…


I’ve never played orks, and they haven’t had a much-needed codex update in a while, but they were definitively something new for me to try. Plus, I can use them as opponents for all those 30k armies the club has. I bet everyone will look forward to having something else than marines to fight!

So, following the rules linked previously, and using the current 7th Edition Ork Codex, I wrote up the following patrol:

Da Krew

Argnuzz (Boyz Nob, Power Klaw, ‘Eavy Armour) – 40pts

Da Runtz
4 Gretchin – 12 pts

Da Ladz
11 Ork Boyz (‘Eavy Armour) – 110pts

Manufactorum – 0
Agri-dome – 30pts

Points cost: 197/200

And that’s that! I’ll see if I can grab the reports of the other players and share them here! But definetively expect pictures of my gang sometime this month!

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