Team Armchair General Plays Board Game Online

Team Armchair General tries their hand at Board Game Online – one of the strangest free-to-play online games we have encountered yet…

Featuring saboteurs, lawyers, Stalin, Targaryens, summoned demons, Rick Astley, exploding sheep, time travel and the ACME corporation!

Pontus Lidekill
Target Practice
Chemical Infantry

The Fifth Crusade – Session 0 – Part 2 – Stay Awhile and Listen

Part 2 of our introductory session, in which much backstory is shared, and attrition takes it’s toll on our players…

Hydriatus as the DM
Epicwargod as Tatsuya, elven druid.
Pontus Lidekill as Gregor Redsword, half-orc paladin.
Target Practice as Mimi, haemonculus ninja.
Chemical Infantry as Fekkit, human rogue.
Smoothie as Veisha Valstat, half-elven necromancer.

The system is Pathfinder by Paizo Publishing.
The setting is my own.