The Fifth Crusade – Session 0 – Part 1 – Urban Adventure

A new series begins…

Follow the bi-monthly tabletop adventures of the motliest bunch of crusaders this side of the fantasy genre.

Our first session deals with the group getting to know each other and arriving at the Free City of Talhua, where the Fifth Crusade is gathering.

Hydriatus as the DM
Epicwargod as Tatsuya, elven druid.
Pontus Lidekill as Gregor Redsword, half-orc paladin.
Target Practice as Mimi, haemonculus ninja.
Chemical Infantry as Fequette, human rogue.
Smoothie as Veisha Valstat, half-elven necromancer.

The system is Pathfinder by Paizo Publishing.
The setting is my own.