A Game of Shadows – Port Vladovar (Episode 03 – A Shot in the Dark)

Welcome back, dear reader, to the third installment in my chronicle detailing the bloody path of infamy the Enfield Eviscerator’s are carving through the Iron Kingdoms! This time, I was unable to attend due to stuff, so Olliver’s player stepped forward to run a quick adventure for Genpi and Larkin, fleshing out the CIS spy side of our story…


With the rebuilding of Port Vladovar on schedule, it finds itself hosting many notable figures – Kayazy, Military Officers, and members of the Greylords Covenant. Each one of these is a tempting target for an Operative of the CRS, and so the next morning, whilst enjoying a warm breakfast in the Captain’s Daughter, Alexander received a coded message from his CRS contact. A scarred old man entered the tavern, and after greeting a few of the regulars (mostly the staff as well as the urchins), and hanging his coat by the door, he hobbled to the bar and ordered a glass of Caspian Red. The bartender responded that their shipment still hadn’t arrived, and offered him an alternative that he grudgingly accepted before leaving.

That was the signal that the dead drop had been made, and Genpi had orders (hidden in the man’s coat which he left behind). The message read as follows:

“odedcay esmayagesay ebayinsgay opstay anay impayortantay adkhayoranay ilimayarytay igurefay isay enayertayingay advlayovayaray opstay artayetgay ashay eenbay ospayitayivayelyay idayenayiftayieday asay eygrayordlay ovkayiknay agmayievzay mitdayiiray ihmayaylovay opstay mitdayiiray illway ebay inspayectayingay ethay ogprayessray inay arvauiousay ilimayarytay’s and infayastrayuctrayureray ojprayectsay oughthrayoutay ethay itycay opstay ommcayanday ashay issayueday ayay iprayorityay ivefay exeayutioncay ordayeray opstay eprayortay otay ierpay eightayeenay ofay ethay Eastayernay ockday atay idmayayday omtayorayowray orfay urfayerthay insayuctraytionay opstay odedcay esmayagesay endsay”

Note this is note the “true” cypher the CRS uses but how we do it to let Genpi’s player puzzle it out (this was agreed beforehand when Olliver’s player conferred with me to make sure the mission fit in the campaign I am running). For those of you not wishing to waste time translating the above, the mission was to assassinate a member of the Greylord Covenant – Kovnik Magziev Dmitiri Mihaylov. He was running a tour of inspection of not only the new military docks, but also the Naval Academy being founded in Port Vladovar. Three approaches to the mission were highlighted to the party – sniping him from a ruined lighthouse whilst he inspected the docks, arranging an “accident” at the Academy construction site, or just ambushing him on the streets.

With Rahksha still off hunting some bounty or other, and Olliver having already left to work at the scrapyard, Larkin convinces Genpi to let him take the lighthouse approach, and the spy agreed partially due to the CRS providing a rifle for the shot, hidden in the location for them to make use of. The due make it to the lighthouse, and find a group of workers (a mix of humans and gobbers) working on repairing it. When the foreman demanded to know why they were there, the pair lied and said they were delivering scrap from Jozef’s Scrapyard to aid in repairs. The foreman believed them and told them to dump it outside the lighthouse and be on their way. Realizing they had failed to gain access, Larkin’s brash nature took over, his Sinclaire blood calling to him as he drew his pistols and opened fire.

The Lighthouse

After a brief fight in which Alexander took a sledgehammer to the chest and had to be stabilized by Larkin, the gunmage ascended to the top of the lighthouse, found the rifle and setup the shot. Not knowing the nature of the weapon he cast a rune shot, shorting out the runeplate in the mechanika rifle (which had accurate, blessed and SILENCED). Unsurprisingly, the shot is extremely loud, and though the Greylord goes down, his retinue pretty much immediately know where the shot came from. As Larkin hesitated, pondering taking more shots to thin the ranks of the officers gathered, the whistling of shells convinced him to make a run for it. He took the time to take the scope and runeplate from the rifle before leaving though.

As he made it out of the lighthouse to Genpi, a shell struck the top, annihilating the upper section of the building. The duo head for the city before running into a group of winter guard, who demand ID and their purpose there (a city patrol which heard the shelling). Larkin uses the same lie as before, of delivering scrap metal, and offers his work card as proof (with the day’s work being punched through by his coat button in a quick display of sleight of hand). The officer leading the patrol was satisfied and let them go before moving on to investigate the lighthouse, leaving Larkin and Alexander to vanish back into the city.

But killing a Greylord has consequences, as they would soon find out…


Not much to say about this session except for Genpi’s and Larkin’s bumbling! From all accounts it was a successful and fun session, and I will make sure to tie things back into it in the future. After all, Greylords tend to work in threes…

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