Thief Returns

News of the latest installment in the Thief series has long been out, though it is only this year that trailers and more information has begun to be revealed. Judging from the showing so far, I personally have mixed reactions. Garret doing his thieving whilst trying to stay out of larger issues and failing is a long standing tradition in the games, Then again it doesn’t quite feel like a sequel to the original trilogy, though the plot seems to harken back to the second game from what I’ve gathered.

So the city is undergoing an Industrial Revolution now, and the poor worker classes are going to be rebelling against the nobility. Fairly standard fare, with a lot of potential. However I was under the impression that the revolution would take some time following the actions of the Mechanists in Thief 2, and their crazed schemes to improve upon the city. The lack of any Hammerite presence so far has also made me wonder about the story – surely the Church would be deeply involved in trying to keep the peace?

But as for what makes me somewhat disappointed is the lack of acknowledgement of Garrett’s apprentice, last seen in the ending to Thief 3. Whether this is because the game is more of a spiritual reboot, or that there are plot lines yet to be revealed, we shall see. But the whole trailer’s atmosphere reminds me also of Dishonored, which itself was a spiritual descendent of the Thief games. Now it seems to be influencing the next generation too…

Not that there is anything wrong with that of course! Besides, only so much can be gathered from a simple trailer. Details can still change after all. But the key aspect is the gameplay, and so far….that seems damn solid and everything we loved about the Thief games. The exact size of the levels is still a mystery, but from the evidence so far, the new Thief game is going to continue the traditions that the original set out, which can only be a good thing.

The Anvil of Innovation

What follows is a breakdown of my team for an upcoming campaign of Inquisitor run by a friend of mine we shall dub Valnir. It is set aboard a space hulk known as the Sin of Logic, being thoroughly investigated by Imperial forces to ascertain the exact threat it poses to nearby systems. Expecting a few renegades and aliens, they are completely unprepared for what they find: a hundred factions aboard the vessel battling each other, trying to gain the upper hand and finally seize control of the hulk.

One of these factions is the Forge of Logic, the domain of Warpsmith Kobol. Details are sketchy at best, but recently there was an accident at one of the minor forges in his domain. An Adept was blamed for being lax in his duties, and rather than face his punishment, he fled with a few followers. This adept was named Sark, and he haunts the hallways of the Sin of Logic still…

Warpsmith Adept Sark (398pts)

WS: 83  BS: 80  S: 210 without armor, otherwise 252  T: 155  I: 88  Wp: 80  Sg: 85  Nv: 96  Ld: 80

Special Abilities: Ambidextrous, Nerves of Steel, Spit Acid, Marine Awareness, Leader, Gunfighter, Fast Draw.

Equipment: Pre-Heresy Power Armour (mkIII), Power Armour Helmet (incorporating Auto-senses [advanced eyes & ears]; Range-finder gunsight & Infrascope; Bio-scanner Auspex [Arm 8]), Servo-Arm (MIU – Advanced Bionic Arm [Str 70] with implant Power Fist [Reach 2]), Bolter (belt feed), 2 Inferno Pistol Digital Weapons, 2 Knives, 2 Bolt Pistols (loaded with Kraken rounds), Mechandendrites.

Details: Sark was always somewhat of an eccnetric within his forge, though one readily welcomed. Warpsmith Kobol is a firm believer in new approaches and experimentation, though always with an eye on safety. In a space hulk, one must be careful with their tampering. Space is at a premium, so precious little can be lost to errant technologies ripping apart reality or flooding corridors. So when one of Sark’s latest ideas went haywire and blew up a foundry, the Adept fled before judgement could fall upon him. He know has set up his own small forge in a forgotten part of the hulk, and continues his experiments, determined to earn his place back in the Forge with something truly extraordinary.

Garrus of the Bonewalkers (269 pts)

WS: 72  BS: 56  S: 65  T: 71  I: 78  Wp: 68  Sg: 56  Nv: 90  Ld: 71

Special Abilities: Blademaster, Acrobatic, Furious Assault, Hunger, Catfall, First Strike, Stealth.

Equipment: Laspistol, Revolver, 10 Throwing Knives, 5 Bolas, Crossbow (with 3 reloads), Kroot Long Rifle (incorporating Range-finder, Infrascope & a Motion Tracker gunsights), 2 Knives, 2 Smoke Grenades, Reflective Mesh Armour (all locations), Gas Mask.

Details: The Bonewalkers are a Kroot Warband that originally hails from the Koronus Expanse, before being lost amidst the nightmare that is the Screaming Vortex where Kobol found them. They proved themselves adept at navigating and mapping out parts of the hulk for the Warpsmith, making him truly the master of his small domain, with every last part heavily guarded and trapped against potential intruders. Garrus was named in honor of the leader of the Bonewalkers, a shaper called Garruk. During Sark’s escape from the Forge, he hired Garrus as a guide to the deep, secret places in between the mapped corridors.

Servitor Theta-8H (192 pts)

WS: 59  BS: 26  S: 140  T: 83  I: 43  Wp: 94  Sg: 13  Nv: 170  Ld: 22

Special Abilities: Ambidextrous, Furious Assault, Fearsome, Force of Will.

Equipment: 2 Advanced Bionic Arms [Str 70] with implant Chainsword, Combat Stimm Injector (with 50 doses of each of the following: ‘Slaught, Reflex, Spook & Spur), Bionic Head [Armour 5], Flak Robe (chest, abdomen, groin & legs)

Details: Many Imperial and Mechanicus ships carry murder servitors to deal with boarding actions. It is of no surprise then that the Forge of Logic was able to find caches of the lethal machines in the space hulk, reprogramming them for their own use. Many were f inferior quality, utilizing many biological parts, being barely true servitors at all. Still, each warpsmith has his own batch to act as his guardians. Sark only managed to bring along one servitor from his group in the confusion of the destroyed foundry.

Karl Jaeger (139 pts)

WS: 72  BS: 59  S: 56  T: 53  I: 54  Wp: 63  Sg: 62  Nv: 72  Ld: 59

Special Abilities: Medic.

Equipment: Autogun, Autopistol, Knife, Flak Armour (all locations, except head), Open Helm, Gas Mask, Auspex (Bio-Scanner), Medipack, Advanced Bionic Lungs, 1 Hallucinogen Gas Grenade, 1 Bloodfire Gas Grenade.

Details: Karl comes from the small human settlement aboard the Sin of Logic, formed from a crashed Rogue Trader vessel that strayed too close to the hulk. Life was hard but the humans endured. Now they live under the protection of the Forge, in return providing it with a tithe of workers and soldiers to aid the Warpsmith’s schemes.